sidecar trips in China


One Day Beijing Great Wall Rides

MuTianYu(tourist part of wall in Huairou)
HuangHuaCheng (underwater wall)
Badaling (official tourist destination - seldom ride there due to large crowds)
Ming Tombs - Burial sites of the Emperors near the Badaling Great Wall
Huairou - Countryside north of Beijing with winding roads and bits of the Great Wall
MiYuan - Northwest of Beijing, lots of winding roads and river view
Shidu - South of Beijing, lots of rivers and some off road riding
CunDiXia - Ming dynasty villiages

Overnight Camping Trips

Guanting reservoir - ride right up to the wall over looking the reservoir
MiYun - north of the river on flatland, excellent camping area with river
Jiankou - wild part of the Great Wall in a remote valley surrounded by 280 degrees of wall
BaSheng - grasslands and desert area north of Beijing, great for horse riding
Jinsanling - Greatwall in Hebei, can see miles and miles of Great Wall

Long Distance Rides

ShanXi - Datong, Taiyuan, Hanging Pagoda, usually 4 days
YinChuan - Ride through Inner Mongolia - annual motorcycle festival, the roads get better each year.
Hukou water falls, Xian - 5 days one way, ride through Shanxi,
ManZhouLi - 9 days one way, only two month window or it will be too cold. Lots of long straight roads and grassland.
Xinning to Kashgar - 7 days
Xinning to Lasha - 9 days

Contact us for more details.

Ride Participation Details

All rides are free to participate unless stated, just pay for your own gas, meal expense shared or you can eat on your own.
Guest are welcomed ie ... car or motorcycle. For cars following, please make sure drivers are behind us at a safe distance.
Please make sure your bikes are in good running condition, motor oil topped, gas filled.
If you need repair, please do it day before the ride, do not show up with bike needing repair, we are there to ride not to fix bikes.
Rental bikes are available - please let us know in advance.
Ride safely, we are not out for speed, we ride to enjoy the countryside
Ride in single file, do not double file
If you have straight pipes, please stay in back of the pack, your pipes will give rider behind you a headache.
Helmets - recommended that you use
Ride at your own risk
Bring extra windbreaker, it gets cold in the mountians,
Bring sunglasses, camera, gloves, water, snack.

Do Nots!

Do not ride stolen motorcycle or fake plates.
Do not play chicken with on coming traffic, trust me, they are going to hit you.
Do not weave in and out.
Do not overtake a car from right side.
Do not bring companions that do not like motorcycles.