sidecar trips in China

The Sidecar Travel website is dedicated to the Gobi Road Sidecar Adventure Nomads whom are some of the most experienced motorcycle riders in China with the knowhow to take you for a once in a lifetime adventure ride like no others. A cross of motorcycle clubs - Beijing Dragons, Fire Dragons, Red Metal, etc.. coming together with their motorcycle experience to give you an unforgettable motorcycyle sidecar ride experience in China. From riding out of the mega city of Beijing to the unexplored parts of the Great Wall, to ancient Ming Dynasty villiages, up mountain roads, across rivers running north of Beijing, through rolling grasslands valleys of Inner Mongolia, to the plains of North East China, to the mountians passes in the mining country of ShaanXi, these are the guys that will take you for an adventure and most importantly to take back home safely.

Jim Bryant, Bill Eng, Wang Shao Hua, Ren Guang Li, Fan Pei Sheng all come together to form this group to bring you the adventure ride of a lifetime in China. To experience the countryside at the grassroots level on a vintage sidecar motorcycle, staying overnight on the Greatwall, watching the sunset, catching a sunrise on the Greatwall, and camping in Yurts on the grasslands of the Gobi Desert, is a spiritually lifting motorcycle experience. Book your ride with us and you will be dealing with bikers directly for the best deals.


Retired race car driver and entrepuner Jim is one of the few riders that can claim to have rode on a sidecar around the world, starting from west coast USA to east coast, then to Isle of Man, across Russia and into China. Jim started riding in China in 1995 and in 2002 set up Jimbo's Sidecars specialing in BMW powered Chang Jiang 750 sidecars. With over four decades of motor vehicle experience, and having rode around the world, Jim is probably one of the most experienced motorcycle riders in China.

Big Bill

Having rode across China to places such as LanZhou, YinChuan, Xian countless amounts of time and leading rides on weekends for the past ten years, Bill Eng is one of the more experienced ride leaders in China. A senior member of the famous Chinese bike club Fire Dragons, Bill is a great resoure for motorcycling in China. From knowing the mechanics of motorcycles to a vast network of motorcycle friends across China, Bill is a great source to organize rides in China. Bill also owns Big Bill's Bikes on Jing Shun road which is one of the larger motorcycle showrooms in Beijing sporting the lastest Harley, Boss Hog, Bad Dogs, and importantly custom restored Chang Jiang 750 sidecars.

Xiao Wang

Founder of the Red Metal MC in Beijing Wang Shao Hua has been restoring motorcycles for over a decade now and rides out every weekend to the mountains. Wang's special area of experience is in big cruisers such as Harley, Triumps, Yamaha's, etc.

Lao Ren

One of the most experience motorcyclist in China, Ren has been riding since the 1970's and know the Chang Jiang 750 like his own hand. Ren has rode to Yunnan from Beijing, to Tibet, to the far reaches of Gansu, and on average does two rides a week in Beijing taking visitors to the different parts of the Great Wall.

Xiao Fan

Based out of Shanghai Fan Pei Sheng is one of the few ride leaders offering ride support for foreigners on long distance trips out of Shanghai. Actually Fan CJ750 sidecar shop is the oldest in Shanghai and unlike other shops in Shanghai Fan's business is based on repairing of the CJ750. Fan has been to the kazikstan and back in 20 days with Antoine Bloch and Brice Berrard. Fan has also rode from Kasghar, which is the most west point of China all the way to Beijing with a group of riders out from Shanghai.

Lao Jiang

Founder of the Fire Dragons MC in Beijing, which can boast to be the largest Sidecar riding club with well over 300 members, Jiang Wei has since retired fthe club and only does special rides. Jiang Wei has been riding since the 80s and has rode on his CJ750 to Tibet, XinJiang, Qinghai, and is also a founding member of the YinChuan MC festival which was held in YinChuan every year from 2003 to 2008.