sidecar trips in China


Long Distance Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Tours

Where we ride to:

Starting out of Beijing you can head north, west or south west and experience some of the most incredible countryside in China. Our long distance sidecar motorcycle tours are planned to give you a challenging experience that is fun and exhilerating while keeping you safe. With tens of thousands of kilometers of experience with each of our ride leaders we ensure that you will have an enjoyable and safe journey.

Ride west from Beijing and you will head into the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. This ride offers some spectacular views of the mountains and rolling grasslands.

Ride southwest and spend a five day ride to Datong and Taiyuan. Both of these cities in ShanXi has many historical sites and is very important in the history of Buddism. Visit the hanging Pagodas, the walled city of Ping Yau (China's ancient finance center), the buddist grottos, China's tallest wooden pagoda, etc.

Ride northwest and visit Jimingyi which was a postal city during the imperial times and one of the few walled cities that is left intact in China.

Ride through the western part of China traveling on the Silk Road - Xinning to Kashgar.

Ride to the top of the World - nothing can outdo a ride to Tibet, right to the foot of the Potala Palace starting from Xinning in Qinghai and through the mountain range.

Ride the Gobi Road - The road taken by Genghis Khan over a thousand years ago, starting from Manzhouli, this is a ten day experience through the grasslands and desert to get to Beijing.

Our sidecar motorcycle tour service:

With decades of combined riding experience we are the most experienced motorcycle tour service there is in China. From safety, ride experience, road experience, mechanical experience we can boast to offer the best service there is. We are here to give you a good experience and not a headache, we want you to have fun, enjoy and we will sort out all the little details for you.

From the most basic to the complex arrangements such as arrange one way long distance rides to take maximun advantage of the time you have to spend on the trip, we will ship your bike in advance to start off points and fly there to start a trip. For a trip such as Xinning Qinghai to Kashgar Xinjiang or Lhasa Tibet, we will ship your bike to Xinning, arrange for mechanic to prep up the bikes and when we arrive we are all ready to make make the expedition. Once the you arrive at the end location such as Kashgar or Lhasa, we send your bikes back to Beijing and you can relax, do some local site seeing and fly back to Beijing then off to your home country. For our delux rides, we offer 5 star service to include detail such as wine and cheese on the Great Wall, setting up of camp in advance, and packing of equipment after breakfast so all you need to do is concentrate on having fun.

Preparation for long distance rides in China is all handled by us. From the time you arrive at the airport we can make full arrangements for you such as hotel, dining, and we can spend a day teaching the inexperience riders how to handle the bike while the experienced riders can visit the city on their own or on a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar.

What we do recommend riders to bring: Digital camera, helmet, GPS, hiking shoes, gloves, a good attitude and willing to have some fun. We do not recommend motorcycle racing gear such as boots, thick leather jackets, etc. Our rides normally are about 60km per hour and 250km per day. We will end up in water, mud, dirt, lots of sunshine and some rough conditions. Hiking gear (outdoor cloting) is more versatile and also good for some hiking or overnight camping. It is best to not carry too much stuff with you as everything that you put into your bike, you will have to take it out at night and pack it back in in the morning. Water is available everywhere thus its something not to worry about.

Write to us for more details of what you want to do.