sidecar trips in China


Beijing Dragons:

The Beijing Dragons Motorcycle Club is a loose group of motorcycle enthusiasts who live in Beijing. We ride everything from old Chang Jiang sidecar motorcycles to the latest Jaspanese superbike, to the ubiquitious Harley Davidson and the Metric Cruiser clones. All riders are welcome to join on weekend rides to the mountains and also non bikers are also welcome to participate on weekend events.

The Beijing Dragons try to ride at least once a week or so usually to the outskirts of Beijing, up in the mountains where the air is clean(er) and the traffic is (almost) non-existant. During two of the big holidays in China (Labor Day and National Day) the Beijing Dragons will take week long rides to Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, or other destinations. Presently there is almost 75 members. On weekends many members will ride their bikes over to the Iron Horse Saloon on Tian Bei Road in Shunyi to hang out.